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Mordecai Richler

Leaving St Urbain

by Reinhold Kramer

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published: 2008
imprint: MQUP

Based on never-before published material from the Richler archives as well as interviews with family members, friends, and acquaintances, Mordecai Richler: Leaving St Urbain shows how Richler consistently mined his remarkable life for material for his novels. Beginning with the early clashes with his grandfather over Orthodox Judaism, and exposing the reasons behind his life-long quarrel with his mother, Kramer follows Richler as he flees to Ibiza and Paris, where he counted himself as one of the avant-garde who ushered in the 1960s. His successes abroad gave him the opportunity to remain in England and leave novel-writing behind — but he did neither. More than a biography, Mordecai Richler: Leaving St Urbain is the story of a Jewish culture finding its place within a larger stream, a literary culture moving into the colloquial, and a Canada torn between nationalism and cosmopolitanism.

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Editorial Review

"The scope and thoroughness of Reinhold Kramer's engrossing new biography is evidence, if any is still needed, of Richler's importance. Kramer has struck the fine balance between academic rigour and popular biography, representing Richler's life with the epic narrative scope it deserves." Montreal Review of Books
"Reinhold Kramer made prodigious use of old correspondence and two unpublished early novels to draw links between Richler's life and his fiction. But Kramer had no interest in kissing up - while he revels in Richler's successes, he doesn't shy from his follies. Leaving St. Urbain is the best kind of biography: marvelously detailed, but also clear-eyed and even playful." CBC Arts Online
"I didn't want the biography to end. Mordecai Richler seemed so vividly alive...From now on, nobody can write about Richler without reading this book." The Globe and Mail

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Reinhold Kramer

Reinhold Kramer is a professor in the Department of English at Brandon University.

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