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Most Anything You Please

by Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

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contemporary women
list price: $19.95
also available: Paperback Audiobook
category: Fiction
published: 2017

For decades, the Holloways have operated a convenience store in the working-class neighborhood of Rabbittown in St. John’s, and every customer has a story. In a vibrant, contemporary family saga, filled with idiosyncratic characters, Trudy Morgan-Cole tells the tale of three generations of Holloway women—Ellen, Audrey, and Rachel—their loves and their livelihood in times of great change. Most Anything You Please captures the spirit of a community and the women who hold it together, revealing the bonds that break and the ties that bind.

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Editorial Reviews

"…one of those novels you cannot say enough good things about."

— Mirimachi Reader

"Packed with goodness, and an exquisite last paragraph, this is a story about life."

— Consumed by Ink
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About the Author

Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

Trudy Morgan-Cole is a writer and teacher. Her previous works of historical fiction include The Violent Friendship of Esther Johnson, Deborah and Barak, and Esther: A Story of Courage. She lives in St. John’s with her husband and two children, and teaches English, writing, and social studies to adult learners at The Murphy Centre.
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