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Mother Goose Unplucked

Crazy Comics, Zany Activities, Nutty Facts, & Other Twisted Takes on Childhood Favorites

by Helaine Becker
illustrated by Claudia Dávila

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comic strips & cartoons
list price: $12.95
also available: Hardcover
published: 2007
publisher: Owlkids Books Inc.
imprint: Maple Tree
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Canadian Children's  Book Centre
Librarian review

Mother Goose Unplucked: Crazy Comics, Zany Activities, Nutty Facts & Other Twisted Takes on Childhood Favourites

Board games, comics, tongue twisters, quizzes, optical illusions, paper crafts and recipes are just a sampling of some of the great activities in Helaine Becker and Claudia Dávila’s bold, fresh take on nursery rhymes and fairy tales. This book extends the life of best-loved nursery rhymes and fairy tales and rejuvenates them for today’s young audiences.

Source: The Canadian Children's Bookcentre. Spring 2008. Vol.31 No.2.

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  • Short-listed, Atlantic Library Association, Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award
  • Commended, Resource Links, Best of the Year
  • Short-listed, Alberta Children's Choice Awards, Rocky Mountain Book Award
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Mother Goose Unplucked takes kids on an energetic, fun- and fact-filled excursion to the land of Happilyeverafter. A wacky cast of characters, familiar to us all from our best-known childhood standbys, but appearing here as we’ve never seen them before, pop up on the pages of this book. Witches, fairies, gnomes, giants, princes, stepsisters, farmers, wolves, pigs, cows, dishes, and spoons are here in familiar settings, but with a very fresh take on their circumstances. Readers will be introduced to the latest music sensation, Rapper Rapunzel, who appears here as an insolent tweenager, banished to her attic room by her fed-up parents. The good Fairy Godmother is an advice columnist. And the Big Bad Wolf, considered armed (with very big teeth) and dangerous, is wanted for identity theft. Readers will discover how to write their own very off-the-wall fairy tales, solve riddles to Stump the Dragon, make their own Spell Decoder magic wand, put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and loads more. Fascinating facts, laugh-out-loud cartoons, tasty recipes, hilariously inspired crafts, brain bogglers, crazy jokes, head-scratching riddles, eye-popping optical illusions, and giggle-inducing activities fill each chapter to bursting.

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Editorial Reviews

Few authors ‘get’ kids like Helaine Becker…She delivers yet again with Mother Goose Unplucked, which offers up everything the irreverent title promises: comics, trivia, jokes, activities...157 pages of jam-packed, wonderfully illustrated fun.

— Today’s Parent

When it comes to something to do, this is the book for you!…It is so much fun to get into! The stories are interesting and creative, and the games can keep you occupied for hours. I give Mother Goose Unplucked five enchanted stars.

— Sarah’s Stars

A host of crazy comics, hilarious cartoons, challenging riddles, laugh-out-loud jokes, thought provoking quizzes and fascinating facts reveal the inside story behind our favourite childhood tales. Each chapter is also bursting with tasty recipes, inspired crafts, creative writing projects, engaging games and other amusing activities, all accompanied by witty, easy-to-follow instructions.

— Edmonton’s Child

Mother Goose Unplucked is a gem…[The] twists on traditional fairy tales engage readers and provoke thoughts. A great book for rainy days or to break the summer vacation boredom. Highly recommend[ed]

— Resource Links

Children will meet a wacky cast of characters, familiar from all the best-known childhood standbys, but appearing as never seen before with a very fresh take on circumstances.

— Calgary’s Child

Kids will have a great time with this 'fun-filled collection of activities, comics, puzzles, recipes, facts, and stories from once upon a time.'

— KidsBookshelf.com

This lively book is tons of fun, and will keep fairy tale enthusiasts entertained for hours.

— YABooksCentral.com

Full of activities, from riddles to do-it-yourself fairy tales, optical illusions and things to make, very colorfully presented and illustrated. A compact, fun-filled activity book.

— Burnaby Now

This book is a great way to beat those unbearable 'I'm bored' days...The activities are fun and educational and are great for summer camps, outings, and school...You can't get this much fun off a television screen!

— Suite101.com

…brightly colored cartoon illustrations of dragons, princesses, fairies, and ogres as well as their magical lands perfectly complement the fun, sassy tone of Becker’s witty text. This well-conceived collection will keep kids royally entertained for hours.

— Quill & Quire

Between the covers of Mother Goose Unplucked, a sturdy little potpourri of nursery and nursery and fairy tale spin-offs, the reader will find a truly amazing assortment of games, puzzles, quizzes, creative writing activities, recipes, riddles, jokes, scavenger hunts, tongue twisters, horoscopes — the list goes on and on…Mother Goose Unplucked is so full of ideas for interactive games and learning activities that any teachers, librarians or parents with a love of or interest in fairytales should be happy to add it to their collection…Highly Recommended.

— CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials

Looking for something for the kids to do on a rainy day or during a long car ride? Check out Mother Goose Unplucked. This whacky remix of childhood standards is an interactive hoot. From comics and jokes, to recipes and games to spotting spelling errors and unscrambling words, this little book has something for everyone. Written by Helaine Becker and illustrated by Claudia Dávila, it offers a seriously good time.

— The Flint Journal
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Out of print

This edition is not currently available in bookstores. Check your local library or search for used copies at Abebooks.

About the Authors

Helaine Becker

Helaine Becker is the bestselling author of more than seventy books for children and young adults. For more information, visit www.helainebecker.com.
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Claudia Dávila

Claudia Dávila writes, illustrates and designs books for kids of all ages including Bus to the Badlands and Ghost of the Mill House in the Orca Echoes line. She is passionate about stories and themes that encourage children to be strong, thoughtful, compassionate and responsible people. Claudia lives in Toronto.

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