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Murdering Justice

Activists Killed by Police in Canada

by Jeffrey Shantz

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law enforcement, human rights, violence in society
list price: $25.00
published: 2020
publisher: ARP Books

Murdering Justice is the first book on lethal police force against resistance movements in Canada and the killings of activists involved in diverse social struggles. There is a powerful myth in Canadian society, one that shapes peoples' perceptions of themselves as Canadians, their sense of the country's history, and their sense of the nature and structure of the state and governance in the country. That is the myth of peaceful governance, through non-lethal, community-based policing, respect for civil liberties and civil disobedience and generally peaceful social development. The various police agencies in Canada have long histories of routinely inflicting often lethal violence on activists, community and labor organizers, protesters, and dissenters, despite popular perceptions, and state propaganda, suggesting otherwise. Police violence and the killing of activists have been particularly pronounced in the case of labor organizers and active union members.

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