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My Toronto

by Dusan Petricic
introduction by Rick Salutin

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comic strips & cartoons
list price: $19.95
category: Humor
published: 2011
publisher: McArthur & Company

I came to Toronto seventeen years ago with two new, fresh and curious eyes. Slowly and painstakingly I trained my ONE eye to watch the city, people and events around me in the way of native Torontonians… you might say, in the appropriate manner. That’s probably how it should be if you want to fit into the system smoothly. But, for all these years, I kept the OTHER eye as anexternal, immigrant eye, which inevitably sees things differently.With these two distinctive perspectives I observed Toronto, its people, architecture, history, environment, art and culture, and tried to understand and interpret it in my way. I hope that my take on Toronto in this book is like watching a 3D movie with special glasses and two different filters – multidimensional.

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About the Authors

Dusan Petricic

Duan Petricic a illustré plus d'une vingtaine de livres pour enfants en Yougoslavie et en Amérique du Nord, dont Ma grande famille, une merveilleuse initiation à la généalogie. Il habite à Toronto, en Ontario.

Jeannine Atkins is the author of "Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon," illustrated by Michael Dooling. She lives in western Massachusetts.
Dusan Petricic is the illustrator of "The Longitude Prize" by Joan Dash. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.
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Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin

RICK SALUTIN is one of Canada\s most experienced authors a playwright and editor and columnist for the Globe and Mail.'
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