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New Essays in the Philosophy of Language and Mind

edited by Maite Ezcurdia; Robert J. Stainton & Christopher Viger

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mind & body
list price: $44.95
category: Philosophy
published: 2005

This volume contains fourteen essays discussing recent issues in the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind. The collection is arranged into three sections: one on language, one on the intersection of language and mind, and a final section on mind. The topics include the context-sensitivity of semantics, anaphora, proper names, the nature of understanding, folk psychology and the Theory of Mind, self-awareness, the structure of the human mind and the extent to which it is modular, among others. The contributors are Herman Cappelen and Ernest Lepore, Josh Dever, Jeff King, Josep Macià, Guillermo Hurtado, Dorit Bar-On, Diana Pérez, Georges Rey, Irwin Goldstein, Mark Lance and Alessandra Tanesini, Shaun Nichols and Stephen Stich, Daniel Stoljar, Paul Thagard and Rob Wilson.

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About the Authors

Maite Ezcurdia

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Robert J. Stainton

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Christopher Viger

Christopher Viger is an assistant professor at the University of Western Ontario.
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