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New Trends in Canadian Federalism

edited by François Rocher & Miriam Smith

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published: 2003

This second edition renews the promise of the first: it offers a fresh and comprehensive exploration of the complexity of Canadian federal politics. It begins with a comprehensive section on constitutional politics, which examines topics ranging from executive federalism to multiculturalism including new chapters on judicial review and the division of powers, Aboriginal governance and federalism, and the implication of treaty rights for self-governance. This is followed by seven chapters that both provide a select survey of public policy areas and explore the impact of federal-provincial relations on policy evolution and outcomes.  Updated chapters on trade policy, labour policy, the environment, regionalism, and, of course, health care are all to be found, alongside new work on social assistance and Canadian federalism and federation in comparative perspective. Throughout, the book reveals the visions that have animated Canada's longstanding constitutional debates, the role of executive federalism and the courts in relation to the evolution of federalism, and the essential dynamism of policy development. Together they demonstrate that, despite the lack of a formal constitutional agreement, important changes are occurring in the Canadian federal system.

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About the Authors

François Rocher

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Miriam Smith

Miriam Smith is Professor in the Law and Society Program in the Department of Social Science at York University. She is a political scientist who has published widely on LGBTQ politics in Canada and the US, among other topics. She is the author of Political Institutions and Lesbian and Gay Rights in the United States and Canada (2008) and Editor of Group Politics and Social Movements in Canada (2014).
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