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Not a Conspiracy Theory

How Business Propaganda Hijacks Democracy

by Donald Gutstein

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social policy
list price: $22.95
published: 2009
publisher: Key Porter Books

North Americans have expressed themselves loud and clear on a wide range of issues--like the need for expanded and affordable health care?but it often feels like the politicians in power aren’t really listening.
??The truth is, maybe they aren’t.
??In Not a Conspiracy Theory, Donald Gutstein skillfully documents one of the most important but least recognized political developments in the last thirty years: the prolonged propaganda campaigns mounted by business to change our minds on fundamental issues of social life.
??He explores such topics as the Propaganda Century; American Roots: The Rise of the Corporate Propaganda System; The Propoganda Machine in Action: The '90s and Beyond; Delaying Action on Climate Change: Killing Medicare — to save it? and, Targeting Corporate Propaganda’s Vulnerabilities.
??For anyone who worries that the propaganda machine might hijack the democractic process, Not a Conspiracy Theory is a must read.

“?ambitious, well-researched book?” - The Georgia Straight
Vancouver Ltd. (1975)
“Capitalism means making capital out of anything and everything. This little refresher course should get you in the mood for Vancouver Ltd., a nasty little book that tells it like it is?. The results of Gutstein’s labours are couched in a tough, let-the-blue-chips-fall-where-they-may stuyle, and he leaves no doubt about his message: the city is being run by and for the developers and the interlocked directorates. The people have little, if any, chance.... Gutstein has done his homework, and has unearthed some very smelly deals?..Should be required reading for any interested citizen.”???The Province
The New Landlords (1990)
“Possibly because it was published by one of the smaller presses, this essential study of Asian investment in Canadian real estate hasn’t received the attention it deserves. In an evenhanded and well-written assessment of the impact of East Asian wealth on this country, Gutstein documents the startling case that without our becoming aware of it, we have become squatters in our own land. This is unfortunate. But don’t blame the Oriental investor. They only did what we invited them to do.”??--Peter C. Newman, Business Watch “Best Business Books of the Year” Roundup

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Donald Gutstein

DONALD GUTSTEIN is a graduate architect who specializes in urban research and community organizing in Vancouver.
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