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On Growin' Up

... a guide

by Ryan Kerr

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list price: $9.95
category: Self-help
published: 2014
publisher: Cormorant Books

A guide to growing up, being yourself, and laughing about it later.


On Growin' Up ... a guide, based on the autobiographical coming-out story of author and artist Ryan Kerr, is a hilarious, heartbreaking, and ultimately empowering reflection on the pitfalls of growing up "different."


Originally conceived as an art project, On Growin' Up features vibrant images - crafted with construction paper, scissors, and a gluestick - and handwritten text-contributed by the author, his parents, and his friends-in order to lend ironic humour and charm to a book that deals with issues such as bullying, self-image, eating disorders, family relations, and coming out.
With On Growin' Up, Ryan Kerr succeeds brilliantly in translating his personal experience into a story with universal appeal. Those who have lived through the tumultuousness of adolescence will read the book and chuckle, or nod knowingly; those wishing to reach out to a young person experiencing these struggles will find common ground; and those still living the story may take some comfort in knowing they are not alone - and that what they're going through can, and often does, get better.

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About the Author

Ryan Kerr

RYAN KERR graduated from the University of Toronto with a Specialist Degree in Fine Art History and a double minor in Visual Studies and Italian Studies. He now dedicates his time to confronting homophobia and encouraging acceptance and appreciation: he leads visual arts workshops, public discussion forums, and occasionally bursts into song as part of various national and international presentations. When not engaged in outreach, Kerr works in freelance video editing, creative consulting, and contributes ongoing theatre reviews to mooneyontheatre.com.

Kerr was born in London, Ontario, and can be found online at ongrowinup.com.

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