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Out on a Limb

by Gail Banning

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list price: $11.95
published: 2008
publisher: Key Porter Books

It would take too long to explain how Rosie and her family came to be living in the treehouse on her great-great aunt Lydia's estate. Let's just say that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. And honestly, it doesn?t even matter. The treehouse is awesome?bigger than some apartments, a great view, and all the fresh air anyone could want. Plus, it's located in one fancy neighbourhood! (And never mind that great-great aunt Lydia seems less than thrilled with the new arrangements.)
But after a summer of fun on the treehouse grounds?exploring the meadow, swimming in the stream, and spying on great-great aunt Lydia?things get complicated. With her new school “friends” all calling mansions home, Rosie decides that living in a treehouse is more than a little pathetic. How can she seriously expect to fit in when her house doesn?t even have running water”
The trouble starts with one little lie, but it doesn?t take long for it to grow. Soon, Rosie is keeping secrets from her family, bribing her little sister, and lying to her new best friend. As the school year drags on, every day presents a new challenge. When things finally reach the boiling point?thanks to the famous “spring rummage sale” fundraiser?Rosie discovers the true cost of keeping secrets, and learns that sometimes, help comes from the places you?d least expect to find it.

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About the Author

Gail Banning

GAIL BANNING has been a practising criminal lawyer since 1988. She is the author of several books for middle grade readers. She lives in British Columbia with her family.
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