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Policy Matters

Collective Nouns and Administrative Logics in Canadian Art

by Clive Robertson

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contemporary (1945-), canadian, media studies
list price: $21.95
category: Art
published: 2006
publisher: YYZ Books
imprint: YYZBOOKS

Among the topics covered are: the history and nature of arm's length funding and peer assessments, whether and how principles are manifested in policy, and the relationship between how we value arts funding and how artists participate in/engage with it. This anthology is a valuable resource for working artists, arts administrators and policy makers, and as a research tool for educators and students of cultural studies. Policy Matters demonstrates the significant political investments that artists, individually and through artist-run centres, collectives, umbrella associations and other formations have made and continue to make to arts policy.

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About the Author

Clive Robertson

Over 25 years, Clive Robertson has written critically, from within, about the systems and relationships that constitute artist-run culture in Canada. While others wrote about identity politics, censorship, technology, subjectivity, and art production, Robertson was concerned about gaps in art discourse, surfacing certain issues and perspectives so they could be debated.
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