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Practicing Reverence

An Ethic for Sustainable Earth Communities

by Ross Smillie

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social issues
list price: $9.98
also available: Paperback
category: Religion
published: 2011
imprint: CopperHouse

Every day we hear more about how humans are degrading the environment and causing suffering to themselves and the rest of life. Where will it end? Practicing Reverence shows that it is up to all of us, in community, to live in ways that honour not just our own lives, but all life. Minister, theologian, and environmental ethics teacher Ross Smillie combines his areas of expertise to document our current situation and, even more importantly, to offer hope. Smillie’s science background is evident in his extensive factual reporting of ecological issues. His engagement with theology and ethics balances scientific fact with moral and ethical ponderings. The result is an up-close view of how things “are,” and a glimpse of how things “could be.” Smillie’s hope is that we learn to create “sustainable earth communities,” that we will leave our children, grandchildren, and the generations beyond with a vital and bountiful earth upon which to live. Of course, to reach this goal we must adapt our current actions. And so Smillie examines economics, technology, and religion, and identifies alternatives to our current practices. As a minister and theologian, he also allows for the work of the Spirit, to bring about more just and sustainable ways of living. Practicing Reverence represents both a call and a challenge to those who genuinely desire the best for themselves and future generations, to join their efforts for the good of all.

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