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Fundamental Topics in Metaphysics

by Peter J. Loptson

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category: Philosophy
published: 2001

In this compelling work, Peter Lopston provides an accessible exploration of the major topics in metaphysics. He considers problems such as essence, existence, substance, purpose, space, time, mind, causality, God, freedom and the possibilities of immortality. In addition, he looks at the major historical metaphysical systems and defends the metaphysical project as a whole.

The book offers both historical and contemporary perspectives and includes Lopston's lucid arguments, in which he propounds a naturalist and common-sense view of the world. Lopston defends the ineliminability and the logical or categoreal mutual irreducibility of individual substances; he advocates an empiricist view of space but a rationalist view of time; and he presents a treatment of possible worlds that limits them to cases with only actual members. In a special contribution he explores the idea of metaphysical luck, which leads to puzzling and significant results.

Replete with historical references, explanations of terminology, and directional signposts, the book provides an excellent companion to metaphysical studies - filling a gap for scholars and specialists in this field.

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About the Author

Peter J. Loptson

Peter Lopston is Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph.

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