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Rebel Women of the Gold Rush: Extraordinary Achievements and Daring Adventures

The Klondike Gold Rush of 18961898 attracted tens of thousands of gold prospectors. Of these, only a small percentage were women. Women from all walks of life were attracted to the Gold Rush either as wives following their husbands or as fortune seekers. They were strong-willed women who endured a brutal trip north, survived primitive living conditions and coped with many hardships. A woman on the trail would have to risk frostbite, freezing, avalanche, starvation and disease. Yet, like Emily Garner, ‘after a day of backbreaking travel had to toil over the campfire every night, feeding 13 men.’ Mole also writes of the First Nations ‘country wives’ who were often treated with prejudice.

Mole has authored or coauthored eight other Amazing Stories series books.

Source: The Association of Book Publishers of BC. BC Books for BC Schools. 2009-2010.

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