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by Mark Schacter

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regional, landscapes
list price: $19.95
category: Photography
published: 2010
publisher: Fifth House Books

In a country as vast and diverse as Canada, the road is symbolic of those things that connect us: our human urges to conquer, to overcome, to appropriate, to build, to make a mark, to communicate, to connect, to carve out territory, and above all, to get somewhere.

In Roads, Mark Schacter uses the powerful medium of photography to explore these stories of human ambition and the desire to create a shared existence among natural landscapes, at once harsh, desolate, and beautiful. Along the journey, he seeks to capture a sense of place, musing on how roads and their landscapes can reveal aspects of the multi-layered and elusive Canadian essence."

Schacter's photographs-taken on, beside, and above roads all across Canada-are poignant and reflective. Depicting scenes of urban intensity, small-town community, and wild grandeur, the photographs included in this striking collection will take the reader on a road trip along the meandering curves of the Canadian sense of self.

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Contributor notes

Mark Schacter,
a self taught photographer, was born in Thunder Bay and left when he was 16. The city left a lasting impression on how he sees the world and he translates that vision into photography.
An accomplished journalist, Mark has a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from Yale University, a Bachelor of Law from University College, Oxford University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. He is the owner and operator of a management consulting firm.
Mark Schacter lives in Ottawa with his wife, two daughters and two cats.

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Editorial Reviews

"Captures a country that forgot to look at the camera. An honest glimpse of a nation in repose."
Globe and Mail

"The compelling work of a photographer who feels his country."
Ottawa Citizen

"A stunning book of photographs of a beautiful land."
Saskatoon StarPhoenix)

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"Schacter's written observations are as engaging as his often-dramatic images."
Montreal Gazette

"Schacter's atmospheric photography is crisp". Roads is "a great way to take a cross-country road trip if your budget or schedule don't allow for the real thing."
Canadian Geographic

"Striking . . . Schacter's travels across Canada reveal how roads, from highways to local streets, have become the avenue to the vast and natural landscape of Canada."
Ottawa Life

Photographer's Preface 7
What You See =Where You're From 15
On Being Lucky 20
But is it "Real"? 26
The Land 34
Farm, Village and Town 92
Cities 152
Index 191


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