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Same Same

Same Same is the reworked version of Marthe Jocelyn’s hardcover book (published in 2009) which allows children to explore common characteristics in different creatures and objects. The board book is shorter in length and smaller in its dimensions, perfect for those little hands of younger readers. Its sturdier construction also allows younger readers, whose finger dexterity is not sufficiently developed, to more easily turn pages. The seven pairs of facing pages each contain a linking component to the next set of illustrations — one of the three items reappears on the next page. Because the book has been shortened, the illustrations have been modified to ensure this link occurs from grouping to grouping.

Teamed with Tom Slaughter’s cut-paper artwork, this book makes a wonderful introduction to modern art and, as a concept book, it encourages children to enjoy the similarities in the world around them. As a mom and former teacher, I love this type of book because you can encourage children to find or think of other things that make music or fly, that are striped or red; children can draw them or paint them, find them in magazines or other books or act them out. Hours of fun can be had with this one simple book as a starting point.

Source: The Canadian Children's Bookcentre. Spring 2011. Volume 34 No. 2.

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