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She Shoots She Scores

Canadian Perspectives on Women and Sport

by Laura Robinson

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published: 1997

She Shoots, She Scores is designed for use in school, college and university physical education programs. It raises for discussion important issues surrounding women and sport today. The story of women's sport is a story of questioning everything and asking "why not?". The women and the teams described in this book dare to ask that very simple question. Women's sport challenges the male status quo in a way that is disconcerting, if not revolutionary. Women are telling the world that they belong on the playing fields, ice surfaces, race courses, and mountains of the earth and reject what thousands of years of patriarchy has tried to enforce. Increasingly, women athletes are claiming public space ß and are doing so with the strength of their bodies. Sport is about challenges; and so this book will challenge the person reading it. Why did Maclean's Magazine declare that "Canada's national virility remained in tact," after we won the silver medal at the 1992 Olympics in men's hockey. And if hockey is connected to male sperm, what does Maclean's have to say about our women's team winning the world championships (again) one month later? This book introduces the reader not only to the special nature of women's sport but also the special nature of women sport journalism. This collection of articles on women in sport and physical activity is drawn from the author's experienceas both as a sports journalist and as an athlete.

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