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Shoe Shakes

Look down! Do your feet and footwear have stories to tell? Loris Lesynski believes they do, and she has crafted a collection of ten delightful poems which focuses on these aids to mobility.

To most people, feet and shoes are for getting from Point A to Point B. However, to those with vivid imaginations they can be so much more. In the poem entitled “Shoe Shakes,” Lesynski explores flying shoes, jumping shoes, tapping shoes and more.

“BUT WHAT IF... my shoes shook me? And your shoes shook you? And they pulled you to the park? And they zoomed you to the zoo? And they swung you up the stairs... bouncing like a kangaroo?”

There are poems exploring boots, snowshoes and magic shoes. Interspersed are gems such as “Sailing”, where the inside of a house transforms into a ship and the rain becomes the sea, and “Ant’s Eye View” which describes the Herculean efforts of an ant crawling from a child’s ankle to his knee.

Loris Lesynski’s poetry collection is rhythmic, exuberant fun and is perfect to chant out loud using an expressive voice. The employment of a variety of fonts and word placement on the page add to the visual interest, as do Michael Martchenko’s uninhibited pencil, watercolour and gouache illustrations. Martchenko is an astute observer of the expression and antics of creatures great and small, and he playfully captures their individuality in his artwork. Readers will identify with the characters he has so energetically and affectionately brought to life.

Shoe Shakes will be a favourite of preschoolers and primary grade children, as well as those who read to them. This vibrant poetry collection will get your toes a-tapping!

Source: The Canadian Children's Bookcentre. Fall 2007. Vol.30 No.4.

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