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Show No Fear

Daring Actions in Canadian Military History

by Bernd Horn

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category: History
published: 2008
publisher: Dundurn

Show No Fear is a collection of essays that captures the richness of Canadian military history. Although Canadians see their nation as a peaceable kingdom and themselves as an unmilitary people, the truth is that Canada has a proud military heritage. Moreover, the nations citizens and their descendants share a legacy of courage, tenacity, and warfighting prowess. This volume of daring actions showcases the country’s rich and distinct national military experience while capturing the indomitable spirit of the Canadian soldier.

Actions studied include military bravery in the Seven Years War, the British attacks on Fort Mackinac and Fort Detroit in the War of 1812, the Lake Erie expeditions during the American Civil War, courage displayed at Paardeberg in the Boer War, trench raiding in the First World War, bold valour in the ill-fated Dieppe Raid in the Second World War, toe-to-toe fighting with the Chinese in the Korean War, and present-day heroics in Afghanistan.

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Contributor notes

Colonel Bernd Horn is an experienced infantry officer who is currently serving as the deputy commander of Canada's Special Operations Forces Command. He is an adjunct professor of history at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, and has authored, co-authored, edited, and co-edited more than 20 books, including The Canadian Way of War (2006).

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Editorial Review

Show No Fear offers a look back, with many notes, after each chapter, giving us as in-depth an analysis of the battle as any history book would...Canadians are part of the international stage, fighting fearlessly for a common goal, as they have always done."

— Shelf Life
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About the Author

Bernd Horn

Colonel Bernd Horn is a retired Regular Force infantry officer and military educator. Dr. Horn has authored, co-authored, and edited more than forty books, including A Most Ungentlemanly Way of War: The SOE and the Canadian Connection and No Ordinary Men: Special Operations Forces Missions in Afghanistan. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.

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