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Sport Ethics

Concepts and Cases in Sport and Recreation

by David Cruise Malloy; Saul Ross & Dwight H. Zakus

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ethics & moral philosophy
list price: $29.95
category: Philosophy
published: 2003

Sport has always presented participants, administrators and observers with a wide and often bizarre array of ethical dilemmas. They take on a special edge, perhaps because the sport personalities are usually well known as are result of the extensive media coverage of sporting events. We look in astonishment and horror at such things as the judging debacle in the pairs figure-skating event at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the not-too-distant future possibility of genetically modified athletes, the bribe taking by members of the IOC, the widespread steroid use by athletes, the child sex-abuse cases in hockey, the acceptance of physical assault and violence, the hooligans among British soccer fans, and the drug abusers at the Tour de France. This revised and expanded edition is designed to provide an analytical framework to enable readers to explore and understand many of the ethical issues and controversies in sport today. Included for discussion purposes are topical case studies drawn from the world of sport and recreation.

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