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Stormy Weather: Foursomes

by Stan Dragland
edited by Michael Ondaatje

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list price: $25.00
category: Poetry
published: 2005
publisher: Pedlar Press

Stormy Weather is a lament in the aftermath of a failed relationship - twelve prose poems or "foursomes" working in a field of emotional turbulence with humour and curiosity. Each of the book's twelve sections fall into four paragraphs, and four companion quotations divide the sections; hence the subtitle, "foursomes," a term rassled away from the game of golf. The author, literary luminary Stan Dragland, confesses himself surprised at the diversity of fascinating material that gathers to his distress, some of it inappropriately funny. The heart falters but the world goes on. The heart falters but the mind leaps, from September 11, 2001 to Lear's Fool to The McGarrigle Hour to "Jack and the Beanstalk" to Mr. Iceberg to the dream of the blue dress to Paul Durcan's poetry to (disconnected) dry bones. The sentences, plain and protean, are answerable to all this bounce. || "This book is like a fine old song that overflows with tenderness and hardwon wisdom. A true and perfect companion for every weather." - Elizabeth Hay

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About the Authors

Stan Dragland

Stan Dragland was born and brought up in Alberta. He was educated at the University of Alberta and Queen’s University. He has taught at the University of Alberta, at the Grammar School, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, in the English department at the University of Western Ontario in London, and in the Banff Centre Writing Studio. He now lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He was founding editor of Brick, a journal of reviews and founder of Brick Books, a poetry publishing house, for which he still serves as publisher and editor. Between 1993 and 1996 he was poetry editor for McClelland and Stewart. He is the author of numerous works of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism, and he has edited collections of essays on Duncan Campbell Scott and James Reaney.
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Michael Ondaatje

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