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Stranger in the Shadows

by Raymond McGregor

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list price: $19.95
published: 2017
publisher: Bookland Press

Now that Owen has successfully defeated the dragon Kalureth and rid the village of his terror, Owen and Uthgar face an even greater challenge. The Dwarves are reunited with their home in the mountains, but not everyone is open to sharing life with the Humans inhabiting the land. The evil King seeks to rule them all and knows he must get to Owen in order to gain complete dominance and control. When a mysterious figure is sent to capture Owen, he must fight for his life and form an alliance to vanquish the King. With the help of his new friend Kaia, can Owen abolish racial indifference and create peace or will the evil King destroy all that Owen and Uthgar have fought so hard to build?

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About the Author

Raymond McGregor

Raymond McGregor was born in Sudbury, Ontario. He turned his appreciation for literature into an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature at Laurentian University before attending Nipissing University in North Bay for Teachers' College. He works as a high school English teacher and enjoys fishing, hunting, playing music, painting and reading in his spare time. Raymond has aspired to write for many years and his two children have been the biggest inspiration to pursue this dream. He lives in Wawa, a small town in Northern Ontario.
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