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Submarine Outlaw (audio book)

by Philip Roy

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list price: $14.95
published: 2008
publisher: Ronsdale Press
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A Great Book, and A Great Audio CD

This is an incredible adventure series. My children love Roy's novels, and they're always waiting for the next installment. And then it's a real plus that the main character is so admirable, too. You can't get much better than a story with a boy (Alfred) who travels all around the world in his own homemade submarine--with two fabulous sidekicks for crew members: a dog and a seagull! Alfred is just a great role model for children and teens. Submarine Outlaw was nominated for a Red Maple Award (in Canada). It also won first prize in the Atlantic Writers' Competition. If you ask me, Roy should be winning the Forest of Reading awards (in Ontario) every year that he comes out with a new book. We never get tired of reading about Alfred's journeys! The series is a hit with my kids, that's for sure! And the audiobook is great for road trips, too, when the kids want to hear the story for a second (or third or fourth) time. Roy does a terrific job with the narration, and the sound effects are fun, too!

Submarine Outlaw Reviews

“Submarine Outlaw and its sequels have firmly established themselves as a riveting adventure series that has gathered a significant following who are anxiously awaiting this next installment. And they will not be disappointed! This personal quest and the internal struggles that it evokes for Alfred give this book a new dimension and allow his character to be more fully developed. . . . Roy continues to keep this series fresh and engaging. We will all join Alfred in anticipating his next voyage.”— Atlantic Books Today

“A truly riveting adventure story, Submarine Outlaw will likely capture the heart and minds of all who have longed to escape the confines of their everyday world and try something exciting and even dangerous.” –janeonbooks.edublogs.org

“A refreshing Canadian novel about following a dream.”— Resource Links

“A terrific and uniquely imaginative premise for an Atlantic Canada novel for kids.”— The Chronicle Herald

“Submarine Outlaw is so well written it is totally believable. Dramatic and touching. Highly recommended!” — Hi-Rise Newspaper

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Submarine Outlaw takes young adult readers on a unique journey when Alfred, a young boy who wants to be an explorer - not a fisherman, as his family demands - teams up with a junkyard genius to build a submarine that he sails around the Maritimes. The book takes the reader through the hands-on process of submarine construction into the world of real ocean navigation, replete with a high-seas chase, daring rescue and treasure hunting. Children will identify with Alfred's desire for an adventurous life and the sense of empowerment that comes with building his own submarine and operating it independently. They will also love the unusual crew - a rescued dog and a quirky seagull. The First Prize Winner of the Atlantic Writers Competition, Submarine Outlaw shows how any great goal in life takes a good deal of patience, determination and hard work. But also how hard work on one's dream becomes an act of joy.

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Contributor notes

Philip Roy lives in Durham, Ontario, with his family and their 17-year-old cat. Continuing to write adventurous and historical young adult novels focusing on social, environmental, and global concerns, Philip is also delighted to be embarking upon Mouse Pet, his third book in the "Happy the Pocket Mouse" series (illustrated by Andrea Torrey Balsara), due out in the fall of 2015, as well as Stealth of the Ninja, his eighth volume of the "Submarine Outlaw" series, set in Japan (Ronsdale Press). Along with writing, travelling, running, composing music and crafting folk art out of recycled materials, Philip spends his time with his growing family. Visit Philip at www.philiproy.ca.

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