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Survivors in Armor

Turtles, Tortoises & Terrapins

by Ronald I. Orenstein

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marine life
list price: $45.00
category: Nature
published: 2002
publisher: Key Porter Books

From the author of New Animal Discoveries, which was nominated by the Canadian Children's Bookcentre for the 2001 Norma Fleck Award, comes another beautiful and exciting book about some of the world's most fascinating reptiles. In Survivors In Armor, Dr. Ronald Orenstein explores the evolution, life and survival of some of the world's most ancient and beautiful species. Turtles, almost alone among reptiles, have earned both human interest and affection; however, our fascination has not helped their survival. Sought after for food, as pets and for tortoiseshell, their habitats are under attack on land and sea. Turtle populations are in decline around the world. Understanding turtles is not only interesting, but important to ensure their continued survival.(2001)

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