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Teacher's Guide: The Spirit of Africville and Remember Africville

The Spirit of Africville and Remember Africville

compiled by Jocelyn Dorrington; Nancy MacDonald; Pat Milligan; Joanne Syms; Nancy Sparks & Lorne White

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african american studies
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category: History
published: 1993

This guide has been created for teachers who wish to teach the history of Africville using the book The Spirit of Africville and the film Remember Africville.

The materials in this guide are organized by discipline--geography, economics, sociology, political science and general culture--and are specifically designed to complement the book, the film and other resources relating to this subject.

The Teacher's Guide is an excellent means of engaging students in the long, proud and often difficult history of African Nova Scotians.

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About the Authors

Jocelyn Dorrington

JOCELYN DORRINGTON is a former director if Black Educators. She has received her Masters in Reading Specialist at Mount Saint Vincent University.
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Nancy MacDonald

NANCY MacDONALD is a co-rodinator for the Education Media Library. She was a former junior and senior high school teacher.
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Pat Milligan

PAT MILLIGAN has been teaching in Halifax for more than 20 years.
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Joanne Syms

JOANNE SYMS is a Maritime Studies and Science teacher.
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Nancy Sparks

NANCY SPARKS taught at the elementary level for 14 years and is now a Race Relations and Community Co-ordinator for the Halifax School Board.
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Lorne White

LORNE WHITE is a retired Vice Principal for the Bloomfield Elementary-Junior high school in Halifax.
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