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Terror Threat

International and Homegrown Terrorists and Their Threat to Canada

by Dwight Hamilton & Kostas Rimsa

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published: 2007
publisher: Dundurn Press

The discovery of a suspected homegrown Islamic terrorist cell in our own backyard last year shocked most Canadians. The question arose: Is this country next on Al Qaeda’s hit list? But although terrorism in Canada did not begin with Al Qaeda, its fundamental dynamics are as unfamiliar to most of the public as the minutiae of quantum physics.
How could such shocking developments happen in a nation of "peacekeepers" that opposed the American intervention in Iraq? The majority of Canadians have no idea why soldiers are presently sacrificing their lives in Afghanistan. Terror Threat provides an examination of every key facet of current terrorist operations affecting this country – and it does so in a way that shows how serious the danger really is. Who are these people? How do they operate? And why in the world are they trying to kill us?

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Contributor notes

Dwight Hamilton, a former member of Canadian military intelligence, began writing at the Toronto Sun and Financial Post Magazine. He has been a staff editor at two of Canada's largest professional journals.

Kostas Rimsa served as an officer in Canadian military intelligence and instructed a program on international terrorism at Humber College in Toronto. He worked in a variety of roles in the former Soviet Union and assisted in the formation of Lithuania's new secret service.

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About the Authors

Dwight Hamilton

Dwight Hamilton has been an editor at two of Canada's largest professional journals. He worked for Canadian military intelligence in the 1980s.

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Kostas Rimsa

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