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The Atheist's Primer

by Malcolm Murray

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religious, metaphysics
list price: $27.50
category: Philosophy
published: 2010
publisher: Broadview Press

The Athiest’s Primer is a concise but wide-ranging introduction to a variety of arguments, concepts, and issues pertaining to belief in God. In lucid and engaging prose, Malcom Murray offers a penetrating yet fair-minded critique of the traditional arguments for the existence of God. He then explores a number of other important issues relevant to religious belief, such as the problem of suffering and the relationship between religion and morality, in each case arguing that atheism is preferable to theism. The book will appeal to both students and professionals in the philosophy of religion, as well as general audiences interested in the topic.

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Contributor notes

Malcolm Murray is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Prince Edward Island. His previous publications include The Moral Wager: Evolution and Contract (Springer, 2007).


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Editorial Review

“This book is excellent. Well-written, masterfully concise, easy to follow, and correct in nearly every detail, with an occasional hint of intellectual humor on almost every page. Well-sourced, with helpful notes and up-to-date citations of scholarship, Murray takes on not just conservative theism, but knocks down all the leading props of liberal theism, too. Though not attempting to be comprehensive, Murray nails the core basics, making it the ideal place to start for anyone considering the God question. Theists will be deeply troubled by it. Atheists will find in it new arguments, and new ways to phrase old ones. And for anyone on the fence, it’s a must-read.” — Dr. Richard Carrier, author of Sense and Goodness without God

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