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The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought - Volume 2: The Twentieth Century and Beyond

Volume 2: The Twentieth Century and Beyond

edited by Andrew Bailey; Samantha Brennan; Will Kymlicka; Jacob T. Levy; Alex Sager & Clark Wolf

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political, social
list price: $37.75
category: Philosophy
published: 2008
publisher: Broadview Press

The second volume of this comprehensive anthology covers the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The anthology is broad ranging both in its selection of material by figures traditionally acknowledged as being of central importance, and in the material it presents by a range of other figures. The material in this volume is presented in three sections. The first, “Power and the State,” includes selections by such figures as Goldman, Lenin, Weber, Schmitt, and Hayek. Among those included in the “Race, Gender, and Colonialism” section are de Beauvoir, Gandhi, Fanon, and Young. The third and by far the longest section, “Rights-Based Liberalism and its Critics,” focuses on the many interrelated directions that social and political philosophy has taken since the publication of John Rawls’s ground-breaking A Theory of Justice in 1971.

In order to better meet the needs of today’s students, the editors have made every effort to include accurate and accessible translations of the readings. Additionally, every selection has been painstakingly annotated, and each figure is given a substantial introduction highlighting her or his major contributions within the tradition. For figures of central importance, the editors have included extended introductions that place the figure in the context of intellectual history as well as of political thought. In order to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and accessibility, the editors have consulted dozens of leading academics during the course of the volume’s development (many of whom have contributed introductory material as well as advice). The result is an anthology with unparalleled pedagogical benefits; The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought sets the new standard for social and political philosophy instruction.

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Contributor notes

General Editors:
Andrew Bailey, University of Guelph
Samantha Brennan, University of Western Ontario
Will Kymlicka, Queen’s University
Jacob Levy, McGill University
Alex Sager, Portland State University
Clark Wolf, Iowa State University

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Editorial Review

“This is a wonderful collection, with great introductory essays: it is the ideal point of entry to social and political theory over the last century. We should all be grateful to the editors for selecting and contextualizing so rich a body of materials.” — Kwame Anthony Appiah, New York University

“This excellent collection of essays situates the questions of the oppressed and colonized against and within traditional mainstream political thought. Bringing the diverse contributions of feminism and other liberation struggles to the forefront, it offers a new approach to the teaching and study of social and political theory. Carefully edited readings are augmented with accessible introductions that trace the historical developments of political ideologies. Spanning traditions and ideological divides, The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought is wonderfully adaptable to a variety of courses in political theory or history of political thought at virtually every level of higher education.” — Sally J. Scholz, Villanova University

“This anthology offers an invaluable, wide-ranging, and inclusive overview of recent political thought organized around central questions and themes in political theory throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. A detailed introduction to each section and each author provides a rich historical background to theories and theorists. Courses that utilize this volume will have abundant resources from which to familiarize students with the complexity and diversity of political thought from the past hundred plus years.” — Colleen Murphy, Texas A&M University

“This authoritative, comprehensive and highly accessible anthology manages to bring together key texts of some of the most important political theorists of our age. The selections have not only been chosen with a keen eye for excellence, but are preceded by very helpful introductory essays. It should prove an invaluable guide for students and scholars alike.” — R.B.J. Tinnevelt, Radboud University Nijmegen

“An outstanding collection of readings drawn from classical and contemporary political thought. The immensely helpful introductions to each of the three central parts will greatly assist students in understanding the context and significance of each figure’s work.” — Gillian Brock, University of Auckland

“This volume is a very bold collaborative effort which deserves rich praise for its meticulous attempt to encompass such a broad swathe of mainly twentieth-century political thought readings in a manageable compass. … [The anthology’s] aim to move beyond the more standard ideas of post-1970s rights-based philosophical liberalism into a wide range of readings concerned with power, the state, gender, race, and so forth, is also to be fulsomely welcomed. The volume provides a much more detailed and historically accurate picture of political thought in this period than one encounters in many other synoptic volumes. Overall the editors are to be congratulated for having put together this volume in such a scholarly and thoughtful manner, and for having provided full and helpful introductions for a student readership. It should be of great utility for courses in political thought.” — Andrew Vincent, Sheffield University

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