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The Canadian Federal Election of 2019

edited by Jon H. Pammett & Christopher Dornan

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published: 2020

The Canadian federal election of 2019 is extensively analyzed in this collaborative volume edited by Jon Pammett and Christopher Dornan. Bringing together leading political scientists and media scholars, the book examines the strategies, successes, and failures of each of Canada's major political parties, with special attention given to the pressing question of climate change. In Canadian elections, the context of the campaign is vital. Here, contributors consider in detail the way public opinion polls were reported leading up to the election, how traditional media portrayed events, why the electorate waited to make up their minds, and the means by which social media dealt with fears of a disinformation wave. The book uses data to identify the important factors in determining the voting behaviour of Canadians in 2019 and the ways these factors combined to produce a minority Liberal government. The Canadian Federal Election of 2019 is the essential resource for every interested political observer wanting to dissect the last election and required reading to prepare for the next one.

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Editorial Reviews

"The Canadian Federal Election of 2019 should be considered essential reading for both undergraduate learners and graduate students and faculty looking to develop a deep understanding of the election. The text has clear applicability to a range of academic fields, given the variety of perspectives from which the election is analyzed. By regularly connecting the details of the election to a range of germane academic theories, this book constitutes a valuable source of understanding beyond the election itself." Canadian Journal of Political Science

"The Canadian Federal Election of 2019 also includes focused examinations of the climate issue, the media, the polling, and digital campaigning, as well as a detailed analysis of the results." Literary Review of Canada

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About the Authors

Jon H. Pammett

Jon H. Pammett is distinguished research professor in the Department of Political Science at Carleton University.
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Christopher Dornan

Christopher Dornan is associate professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University.
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