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The Chain Reaction

by Patrice Racine

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environment, friendship
list price: $12.99
published: 2011
publisher: Tundra

Four easy-to-read short novels present the irresistible series The Adventures of Cosmo – Our Hero of the Environment. Join Cosmo as he braves all kinds of perils to help save endangered creatures. And who better to act as their champion than a dodo who has faced extinction?
Cosmo remembers a time when dodos lived happily on Earth. But with humans came their guns, and soon the only dodos left were Cosmo and two friends. Then comes the terrible day when Cosmo finds himself all alone, the last of the dodos. If he is to survive, he must leave the planet he loves.
He is lucky to make a trusty friend in the form of an almost-human space robot, and, together, they set out across the universe to find other dodos. But soon they realize that many creatures, and even the planet Earth, need protection and care. The survival of all living things depends on it.
In fast-paced text and eye-catching art, The Adventures of Cosmo encourages children to learn about their environment and the reason why it is important for them to protect it.

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Contributor notes

Hailing from Quebec, Patrice Racine (Pat Rac) is the creator and illustrator of the Adventures of Cosmo The Dodo Bird series. As a father of four, Patrice wishes that these books make young people aware of the importance their actions have on the environment. He hopes kids have as much fun reading Cosmo’s adventures as he does creating them.

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