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The Colman's Mustard Cookbook

by Paul Hartley

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herbs, spices, condiments
list price: $14.95
category: Cooking
published: 2005
publisher: Whitecap Books

Probably the hottest cookery book of the year! Paul Hartley brings his inimitable skills to creating 50 searingly hot recipes for lovers of the much loved, iconic yellow sauce from Norwich. When, way back in 1814. Jeremiah Colman created this zesty mustard he couldn't have envisaged in his wildest dreams the scorching impact that his heart-stoppingly hot condiment would have upon the British palate. Paul Hartley has assembled an amazing collection of recipes, from Smoked Salmon with Sweet Mustard Sauce to Sausage and Cider Hotpot, from Devilled Chicken Drumsticks to Sweet Potato and Mustard Mash. A recipe book of blistering proportions that should be accompanied by a large glass of water!

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