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The Dragon's Egg

illustrated by Daniel Potvin & Frances Tyrrell
by Alison Baird

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mythical, bullying, asia
list price: $6.99
also available: Paperback
published: 2013


This perennial favourite is now available with a beautifully redesigned cover!

On Ai Lien's birthday, her father gives her a stone from China. "It feels special," he tells her with a twinkle in his eye. "Perhaps it is a dragon's egg!"

The stone is pretty, and Ai Lien places it on her dresser. She can hardly believe what happens next. In the middle of the night, the stone cracks and opens . . . and a baby dragon is born. He's not just any dragon, either. He's the son of the Dragon King of the Yangtze River — and he's magic.

Soon, what's seemed like the worst year of Ai Lien's life becomes a time of adventure and wonder!


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Editorial Review

Praise for The Dragon's Egg:

Regional Winner, OLA Silver Birch Award, 1996

"[A] book that is fun to read, largely due to the fascinating details about Chinese dragons . . . It is also a lively account of happenings in Toronto's Chinatown, and the China-related festivals and traditions one can experience there." —CM Magazine

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About the Authors

Daniel Potvin

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Alison Baird

Alison Baird is the author of a children’s book, The Dragon’s Egg (Scholastic Canada), which was a Regional Winner of the Silver Birch Award. Her most recent book, The Hidden World, was published by Penguin Canada in February 1999.

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Frances Tyrrell

An artist, illustrator, watercolour teacher and would-be gardener.
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