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The Invisible Enemy

by Marthe Jocelyn
illustrated by Abby Carter

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list price: $15.99
published: 2002
publisher: Tundra

Alyssa is mean, sarcastic, and just plain no fun. Billie Stoner considers her to be an enemy and sometimes wishes that Alyssa would just disappear. That’s exactly what happens when Alyssa snoops in Billie’s knapsack and accidentally makes herself invisible with Billie’s secret powder. Now it’s up to Billie to help somebody who has made her school life a total misery. Will she be able to save Alyssa? Does she even want to?

Young readers, who were delighted by Billie Stoner’s adventures in The Invisible Day and The Invisible Harry, will be thrilled to see nasty Alyssa get her comeuppance – and Billie make an improbable new friend.

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Contributor notes

Marthe Jocelyn is a talented author and artist who worked for many years as a toy designer. She has written and illustrated two picture books using cloth collages, and written three novels for older readers. Marthe Jocelyn lives with her husband and two daughters in New York City and Stratford, Ontario.

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Editorial Review

“A surefire crowd-pleaser.”
Publishers Weekly

“Marthe Jocelyn has a master’s touch for writing funny stories.”
Canadian Book Review Annual

“The serious subject matter and the colourful locale are beautifully blended with non-stop humour… Readers will be hooked by this page-turning adventure as they imagine what they would do with a good dose of vanishing powder.”
Books in Canada
“Billie’s quick, colloquial voice gives this story a speedy pace, and her worries and frustrations ring true to the preoccupations and rivalries of the classroom…This is a light, funny alternative for girls who like stories of friendship among schoolmates.”
Deirdre Baker, The Toronto Star
“I love this book and can’t wait for the sequel.”
–Bruce Willis, actor

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