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The Maroons in Nova Scotia

by John N. Grant
foreword by Dr. Henry Bishop

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african american studies, cultural heritage
list price: $22.95
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category: History
published: 2002
  • Short-listed, Dartmouth Book Award (Non-Fiction)
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Many Black Nova Scotians proudly claim ancestry from the Jamaican Maroons exiled to these shores in the last decade of the 18th century: this book recounts the fascinating story of their migrations.

Scholar and teacher John Grant chronicles the Maroons' struggle to maintain their proud and independent culture in the harsh conditions of Nova Scotia, and traces their contributions to the development of colonial society. He describes attempts to establish Maroon communities, attempts thwarted by racial and cultural tensions, hostility and indifference. He brings together the elements that show how many Maroons finally arranged for passage to Sierra Leone, leaving Nova Scotia's hard shores behind them.

This lively and well-documented text illuminates an important passage in African-Canadian history, combining historical records and modern research to present a substantial portrait of the times, the people and the events that comprise the Maroons' saga in Nova Scotia.

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Editorial Review

"John N. Grant's The Maroons in Nova Scotia is a highly readable and entertaining account of the journey of the Maroons of Jamaica to Nova Scotia.
"The book fleshes out our understanding of a brief episode of Nova Scotia's long history of black settlement that usually receives cursory treatment in more general works."

— The Chronicle Herald
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About the Authors

John N. Grant

John N. Grant is a professor emeritus in the Department of Classics at the University of Toronto.
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Dr. Henry Bishop

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