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The Politics of Globalization

Gaining Perspective, Assessing Consequences

by Mark R. Brawley

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published: 2002

Since the end of the cold war, understandings of the development of relationships within and between states have taken on new meanings, generally bundled under the word "globalization." This word is used everywhere, but what does it mean? This book explores the political dimensions of globalization, considering different definitions of the term as well as several specific globalizing processes. While much of the emphasis is on political changes wrought by economic trends such as trade and international capital flows, other forces such as cultural changes, issues of identity, and so on are also involved. Evidence of changes in each of these areas is presented, and political consequences discussed. These issues are addressed in order to pursue a question that provides the theme for the volume: will globalization win over supporters and therefore have political momentum, or will it engender a backlash?

While there are now many books with the word "globalization" in their title, many are simply updates of traditional international relations texts. Others have one distinct point of view they wish to promote. Most do not bother to explore just what globalization entails, or what others from opposing perspectives have said about it. This book offers more of an overview of various points of view rooted in traditional and emerging theories and paradigms; these differing points of view are then assessed against the evidence from the current period, as well as the past. Specific chapters address issues of definition, expectations regarding politics from various perspectives, recent evidence, cultural and identity issues, past episodes of globalization, and opportunities for global governance. The book: explores views on whether "globalization" is a good thing - or not; lays out the main features of different ideas of what globalization means and assesses these against current and historical evidence; and compares various theories and paradigms.

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About the Author

Mark R. Brawley

Mark R. Brawley is Professor of Political Science at McGill University in Montreal. He has taught at McGill since 1990, except for 2000-2001, when he was a visitor at Harvard's Department of Government. He is the author of several books including Afterglow or Adjustment? (Columbia University Press, 1999) and Power, Money, and Trade: Decisions that Shape Global Economic Relations (University of Toronto Press, 2005).

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