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The Raspberry Room

by Alison Lohans
illustrated by Gillian Newland

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friendship, new experience, imagination & play
list price: $6.95
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published: 2006
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Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
6 to 8
1 to 3
Reading age:
6 to 8
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In behind the raspberry bushes is a special place, a place Abby doesn't trust to just anyone. Then she looks through a knothole in the fence and right into a blue, blue eye. A toy tractor appears on her side of the fence and she pokes her little brother's stuffed blue monkey into the hole. The next morning she finds it with its tail ripped off. Who does the blue eye belong to?

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It was shady in the raspberry room. Leaves rustled all around her. The air had a good, plant kind of smell. The tall brown fence made one wall of the room. The raspberry leaves made the ceiling. Patches of blue sky showed through. The floor was made of old leaves and squished weeds.
The fence made a good chair back, too. Abby sat down. She could hear the swing squeaking back and forth. Would Laura like the purple flowers?
Somewhere, a robin was chirping.
A dog started barking. It was Sparky, in the yard next door. Abby knew the dog's name. Sometimes the neighbors talked to him.
"Here, Sparky" she called. Then she laughed. There was a knothole in the fence. A sniffing black nose poked through the hole! Abby petted Sparky's cold wet nose. She let him sniff the purple flowers. Sparky sneezed.
A door banged in the house next door. "Hey, Sparky," someone said.

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Editorial Review

"This chapter book will surely be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates imagination...and secret rooms."

"Highly recommended."

— CM Magazine
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About the Authors

Alison Lohans

Alison Lohans was born and raised in Reedley, California, and immigrated to Canada in 1971. She is an award-winning author of numerous books for children and young people, including The Raspberry Room, Picturing Alyssa, Collapse of the Veil, and Crossings. In 2008, Alison won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Young Adult Literature for This Land We Call Home. A writer all her life, Alison has spent decades mentoring other writers through workshops, creative writing classes, and a ten-month residency at Regina Public Library. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Author profile page >

Gillian Newland

Gillian Newland has illustrated a variety of publications, ranging from magazines to children's books. She finds most of her inspiration outside her studio. She can often be found sketching her fellow customers at Starbucks or the animals at the zoo. Gillian lives in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, visit www.gilliannewland.com
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