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The Salt Book

Your Guide To Salting Wisely and Well, With Recipes

by Fritz Gubler

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herbs, spices, condiments, history
list price: $29.95
category: Cooking
published: 2013
publisher: Whitecap Books
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For many of us, cooking with salt means shaking table salt over the pot a couple of times (as recipes say, "to taste"!), and then shaking a bit more over our plates when we sit down to eat. But there's so much more to this little crystal and The Salt Book is here to show us how to salt wisely and well. Beautifully photographed, covering a comprehensive range of topics and including nearly 200 recipes for the creative use of salt, this book will make you a salt expert!
The Salt Book explains why we should use salt and which salt to use, as well as how and when to use salt. It also looks at trends in salt today, provides facts about salt, explains salting techniques, includes chefs' stories about salt and includes a guide to using salt at the table.
From making your own salt to seasoning steak perfectly, from using specially-flavoured salts to salting ice cream, the recipes and techniques in this book range from the practical to the surprising. You'll be able to confidently tackle the fundamentals of salting—curing, pickling, brining and preserving. You'll learn how to pair the right salt, in the right amount, with the right dish. You'll also be introduced to some innovations, such as salt-block cooking.
Discover the well-seasoned world of salt with The Salt Book.

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Why do we need to taste salt? Surely all salt tastes the same? That is, salty. In fact, different types of salt have subtly different flavours. This is a result of a number of factors: the mineral content of the salt, its method of production, the size and shape of the crystals, and whether it has had any flavourings added to it. The only way to truly gauge the unique flavours of different salts is to taste each of them individually, to taste them in comparison with other salts, and to taste different salts in combination with a range of foods, to see which salt goes best with what.

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Contributor notes

Fritz Gubler has had a long career in hospitality, first as a chef's apprentice and then as a general manager in hotels in Europe and Africa. He studied hotel management at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland and founded the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Australia. He has also written several books on hotels, chefs and wines for the Great, Grand & Famous hospitality series.
David Glynn is the author of Great, Grand & Famous: Chefs and their Signature Dishes and Five Billion Sold: The Amazing Facts Behind the Fiction, a collection of articles about 30 bestselling authors.

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