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The Secret Life of Squirrels

A Little Peanuts Book

by Nancy Rose

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squirrels, humorous stories
list price: $11.99
also available: Hardcover
published: 2016
imprint: Puffin Canada

The irresistible cute story of Mr Peanuts, now in a board book edition

Mr Peanuts is an unusual squirrel. He likes to grill hot dogs on his tiny grill. He plays the piano beautifully. He likes to read (his favourite books are A Tail of Two Cities and Good Night, Nut). But once in a while he feels lonely. One day, he writes a letter to Cousin Squirrel to invite him to visit, and to his great joy, Cousin Squirrel agrees! They play chess and ride a wagon. Turns out Cousin Squirrel is an unusual squirrel, too, and Mr Peanuts realizes that having a friend makes everything twice as fun.

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Contributor notes

NANCY ROSE discovered the curiosity of the little American Red Squirrels when she saw them raiding the bird feeders in her backyard. Crafting miniature settings and squirrel size props and luring them with hidden peanuts, she has captured the inquisitive squirrels in a variety of adorable human-like poses. Nancy Rose, who is a high school guidance counsellor when she isn't photographing squirrels, lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia. The author lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

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Editorial Review

"The story is delightfully written, emphasizing the theme that having a friend makes everything more fun. The illustrations, however, steal the show ... It should prove to be a very popular addition to an elementary school library collection and is highly recommended for young readers." --Resource Links

"What a fantastic book!" --Canadian Materials, Highly Recommended

"Rose's photos of squirrels doing human things are pretty hilarious, and she's created a fun narrative from them all. But it's most impressive when you look in the back of the book and learn how Rose set up these photos in her own backyard (mostly by hiding nuts in her set-pieces)." --Pickle Me This

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About the Author

Nancy Rose

Nancy Rose is the author and photographer of The Secret Life of Squirrels series. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers and has been featured on greeting cards and television internationally. See more of Nancy’s work at secretlifeofsquirrels.com.

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