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The Spirit Trackers

by Jan Bourdeau Waboose
illustrated by Francois Thisdale

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native american
list price: $12.99
also available: Hardcover
published: 2017
publisher: Fifth House Books
  • Joint winner, Skipping Stones Book Awards
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Will and Tom speak in a whisper.
"Uncle, tell us the story of the Windigo."
The boys look behind them for something they can't see.

When Uncle shares the story of the Windigo, the cousins get more than they expect. That night something strange scratches at the frost on their bedroom window. In the morning they find huge tracks in the snow. The Wandering Night Spirit of Winter!

Tom and Will know what good Trackers would do, so they follow the trail deep into the forest. Then a strange cry slices the air.

"Remember," Will whispers as they move forward. "Don't look into its eyes."

Can you be a tracker too? Find the tracks hidden in the pictures.

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Editorial Reviews

"Anishinaabe Waboose's prose seamlessly threads her people's legends with her story of a modern First Nations family that is keeping its traditions alive. Award-winning illustrator Thisdale's expressive and detailed illustrations add depth to Waboose's engaging text. His mixed-media paintings successfully blend the traditional and the modern, the comfortably familiar and the uncanny, to support the story's themes. An intergenerational tale that celebrates both a specific tradition and the universal curiosity of children."

"Rather than simply sharing the story of the Windigo, The Spirit Trackers shares the spirit of the myth. Any title that so clearly and respectfully introduces pieces of Indigenous culture to young readers should be added to both school and public library collections. Recommended."

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