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The Wild Coast 2

A Kayaking, Hiking and Recreational Guide for the North and Central B.C. Coast

by John Kimantas

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non-classifiable, kayaking, hikes & walks
list price: $29.95
published: 2011
publisher: Whitecap Books
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Association of Book Publishers of BC
Librarian review

The Wild Coast II: A Kayaking and Recreational Guide to the North and Central BC Coast

This is a comprehensive guide to kayaking areas from northern Vancouver Island to the Alaskan border. Topics such as rules of the coast, primary coastal features, the weather and a First Nations overview are included in the introduction. For each area of the coast, the author provides information on the history, geography, geology and ecology, as well as on campsites, hazards, available amenities, hiking trails, place names and points of interest. Kimantas shares stories of his kayaking adventures.

Includes an extensive bibliography and list of web sites.

The first book in the Wild Coast series is The Wild Coast: A Kayaking, Hiking and Recreation Guide for North and West Vancouver Island.

Source: The Association of Book Publishers of BC. BC Books for BC Schools. 2006-2007.

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The ultimate guide to exploring B.C.'S untamed coast. From author and kayaker John Kimantas comes the second volume of the highly successful Wild Coast series.

This time, Kimantas takes readers on an exhilarating journey through the Inside and Outside Passages of BC from north Vancouver Island to the Alaska border.

Each chapter in this comprehensive guidebook explores a part of B.C.'S remote and rarely visited stretch of coastline and discusses the region's Native and European history, geography, weather, ecology, attractions and services. Detailed maps show the major points of interest-from the best campgrounds to the ideal spots to view wildlife.

Included are lists with the key features of each area:

  • Amenities,
  • Hazards,
  • Launch sites,
  • Parks and ecological reserves, and
  • Hiking trails.

Each book in the Wild Coast series is written from first-hand research and exploration: Kimantas has gathered the information and photographs while kayaking B.C.'S breathtaking coastline. Although The Wild Coast 2 provides specific information for kayakers, anyone interested in exploring the coast will find this guide thorough and useful.

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Contributor notes

John Kimantas
has worked at several daily newspapers across Canada, beginning as a cub reporter in The Pas, Manitoba, in 1986, moving on to become a magazine editor in Ontario and then managing editor at a daily newspaper on Vancouver Island.

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About the Author

John Kimantas

John Kimantas has been a journalist for more than 18 years and has written for newspapers across Canada. He is editor and owner of Coast & Kayak Magazine (formerly Wavelength) and the author of the Wild Coast series and the BC Coastal Recreation Kayaking and Small Boats Atlas series. He lives on Vancouver Island.
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