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This All Happened

A Fictional Memoir

by Michael Winter
introduction by Lisa Moore

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list price: $14.95
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category: Fiction
published: 2013
imprint: A List

The A List edition of Michael Winter’s brilliant fictional memoir, This All Happened depicts one man’s descent from love to fury over a calendar year. Featuring an introduction by Lisa Moore.

In this journal-a-clef, we are exposed to the kernel of truth that exists in each day. Told from the viewpoint of Gabriel English, This All Happened opens windows onto a richly textured, fast-paced filmic compilation of daily vignettes over one year. Gabriel’s promises and actions early in the year have their repercussions by the end.

Gabriel’s passion for Lydia Murphy leads him into paroxysms of jealousy — but he never abandons his shrewdly witty perspective on the vagaries of modern love.

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Michael Winter

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Lisa Moore

LISA MOORE is the author of Degrees of Nakedness, Open, Alligator, February, Caught, Something for Everyone, and the young-adult novel Flannery. She lives in St. John’s where she is a professor of Creative Writing at Memorial University.

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