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Trade Mission

by Andrew Pyper

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list price: $11.99
also available: Paperback
category: Fiction
published: 2010

Marcus Wallace and Jonathon Bates are Canadian dot.com wunderboys, on a trade mission in Brazil to sell their intriguing concept for a new website -- Hypothesys is a virtual "morality machine" that promises to take the agony out of making choices, helping people to make the "best decisions of their lives."

But the decision that the Hypothesys team makes to take an eco-tour boat ride up the Rio Negro River into the Amazon Jungle -- accompanied by a band of leech-like Canadian trade bureaucrats -- will determine their future lives -- and deaths. Their boat is captured by unknown assailants who brutally kill the crew and kidnap the Hypothesys team, now led blindfolded to a stinking jungle pit prison. Except for the odd omission of Crossman, the team’s enigmatic translator, one by one the team is tortured and tested beyond reasonable understanding. Have their captors confused them with government officials from another boat? Has one of them secretly sold out? No one knows, but when an opportunity to escape presents itself, the team flees back to the river -- each one embarking on their own desperate journey into the heart of darkness.

Like Lost Girls, Pyper's first international bestseller, The Trade Mission is a unique hybrid novel. It's a story for the Virtual Age that takes psychological suspense to an almost unbearable new level.

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About the Author

Andrew Pyper

ANDREW PYPER was born in Stratford, Ontario. His debut novel, Lost Girls, won the Arthur Ellis Award; it was a national bestseller, a Globe and Mail Best Book of the Year and a New York Times Notable Book. His other works include The Trade Mission, which was in the Toronto Star’s Top Ten Best Books of the Year; The Wildfire Season, a Globe and Mail Best Book of the Year; The Killing Circle, another bestseller in Canada; and The Guardians, which was published internationally in 2011. His new novel, The Demonologist, will be published around the world in Spring 2013. Pyper is also the author of Kiss Me, a collection of short stories. His home is in Toronto. Visit him online at www.andrewpyper.com.

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