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Where Tigers Wood Fear To Tread

An Irreverent, Incredible And Slightly Insane Look

by Graham Pilsworth

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list price: $18.95
category: Humor
published: 2002
publisher: Key Porter Books

So you think you know golf? Think again. We all know that golf is an immensely popular game, growing wildly in terms of fans and participation. But do we really know golf - its past, its present, its future? Where Tigers Would Fear to Tread offers an irreverent, incredible and slightly insane look at the world of golf. Starting with the sport's past incarnations in Rome (yes, Rome!) the Netherlands and Scotland, bona fide duffer Graham Pilsworth leads readers on a fascinating and witty journey into the heart of the modern game and beyond. From his vantage point in the midst of the Tiger Era - where golf is more a business than a tastime - Pilsworth delights in dissecting the idiosyncrasies of the Royal and Ancient game. Nothing is sacred; not rules or regulations, not course development or architecture, not dress codes or broadcasting practices. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Pilsworth also offers a wealth of advice to his fellow duffers. Want to improve your game? Your nickname could hold the key. Heading out for a round with the boss? You might want to brush up on the fine art of schluffing. Illustrated throughout with Pilsworth's own playful cartoons, Where Tigers Would Fear to Tread proves once and for all that Mark Twain was wrong: Golf is much, much more than a good walk ruined. (2001)

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About the Author

Graham Pilsworth

GRAHAM PILSWORTH, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, contributes cartoons to The Coast and is author/illustrator of a history of golf.
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