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Life with a Pint-Sized Dictator

by Rebecca Eckler

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marriage & family, motherhood
list price: $14.95
category: Humor
published: 2008
publisher: Key Porter Books

Most experienced mothers lie. The mother who says her baby was an angel who always slept through the night? Liar. The mother who says she couldn?t ever imagine life without her baby? Liar. The mother who says having a baby hasn?t changed anything in her life? Liar. The mother who says she easily figured out how to use the Diaper Genie? The biggest liar ever! So why don?t mothers tell the truth? Why aren?t they speaking up?
Wiped! is the truth?albeit a hilarious look at the truth?about what it's like for the first two years after giving birth. Most parenting guides focus on the first year, even though the fun doesn?t really begin until at least the eighth month. Newborn babies are like uncaring old men?they fart loudly and make strange noises and faces, and they don?t care in front of whom. Wiped! is a What to Expect in the First Year that pulls no punches and speaks the unspeakable. It is written in the same diary-like, irreverent manner as Knocked Up. But instead of daily entries, the book is divided into three-month increments, ending on the second birthday of baby Rowan?the Dictator.
Wiped! expresses what every new mother thinks, and what every other mother went through, but is too shy, embarrassed, or ashamed to share with the rest of us.
Praise for Wiped:
Wiped! is a hilarious, shockingly honest, terrifyingly accurate, profanity-laced look at what happens after a bundle of joy comes home and takes over.? “The Chronicle Herald

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About the Author

Rebecca Eckler

Rebecca Eckler is one of Canada's best-known journalists and authors. She is the international bestselling author of Knocked Up, Toddlers Gone Wild, Wiped!, and How to Raise a Boyfriend. Rebecca lives in Toronto.

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