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Yamoria the Lawmaker

Stories of the Dene

by George Blondin

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native american studies, minority studies
list price: $24.95
category: Social Science
published: 1997
publisher: NeWest Press
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Association of Book Publishers of BC
Librarian review

Yamoria the Lawmaker: Stories of the Dene

This written record of Dene history and culture includes accounts of residential schools and other aspects of cultural change. Traditional survival techniques, respect for animals, and the importance of singing and dancing are referenced. The value of Dene laws, which are clearly explained, form the heart of the book. An important element in the book is Medicine Power and the ways it has been used over centuries – as protection from enemies and illness, for assistance with the hunt or as a way to connect with the spirit world. Some sections are direct transcriptions of the words of elders.

Caution: Some accounts contain violence. Inferred criticisms of the Christian church may offend some. Some views e.g. that women must obey their husbands, are outdated.

Source: The Association of Book Publishers of BC. Canadian Aboriginal Books for Schools. 2010-2011.

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Dene Elder George Blondin creates a spiritual guidebook that weaves together oral stories with the recounting of how the northern Canadian Dene came to depend on the European fur traders. The result is a magical journey for readers of any heritage.

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About the Author

George Blondin

A respected Elder and storyteller, George Blondin maintains the storytelling traditions of the Dene people. He is the author of several books where he depicts the tales of medicine heroes, hunters and healers who have forged Dene history. George currently resides in Behchoko, NWT where he continues to share and write the stories of the Dene people.
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