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Yellow Line

by Sylvia Olsen

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published: 2005
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12 to 18
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Vince lives in a small town—a town that is divided right down the middle by race. An unspoken rule has been there as long as Vince remembers and no one challenges it. But when Vince's friend Sherry starts dating an Indigenous boy, Vince is outraged—until he notices Raedawn, a girl from the reserve. Trying to balance his community's prejudices with his shifting alliances, Vince is forced to take a stand and see where his heart will lead him.

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Where I come from, kids are divided into two groups. White kids on one side, Indigenous on the other. Sides of the room, sides of the field, the smoking pit, the hallway, the washrooms; you name it. We're on one side and they're on the other. They live on one side of the Forks River bridge, and we live on the other side. They hang out in their part of town, and we hang out in ours.

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Editorial Reviews

“The author effectively writes scenes that leave the reader squirming for a positive resolution, and shine a light on intolerance and stereotypes. Kudos for addressing tough issues in an accessible manner.”

— Hip Librarian's Book Blog

"[Sylvia Olsen] knows what it is like to walk the line between white and [Indigenous] culture, and she is fair in her presentation of those on both sides of the line. Worth acquiring for any senior high school library collection. Recommended."

— CM Magazine
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About the Author

Sylvia Olsen

Sylvia Olsen is an award-winning author of many books, including young adult novels, first readers, picture books, history books and collections of personal essay. She also writes about knitting and designs knitting patterns. Sylvia teaches First Nations housing management at Vancouver Island University and works toward creating new housing opportunities on reserves in Canada. Sylvia lives in North Saanich, British Columbia, on W_SÁNEC territory.

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