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Sarah Hartt-Snowbell

Sarah Hartt-Snowbell, formerly of Montreal, admits to starting out as a school-phobic non-reader! She attributes her adult-onset interest in reading to her participation in the George Brown College ”Writing-for-Children“ workshop - where reading is a requirement. She believes that children should be given an early introduction to reading, presented in a way that would establish and reinforce a lasting comfort with books. Sarah, a retired medical secretary, dabbles in many hobbies, including word-games, ten-pin bowling and painting. She is a member of The Entertainers of the Wagman Centre. Sarah lives in Toronto with her greatest fan and critic – her husband, Leo. She has two children and five grandchildren. Sarah’s first published book was A Little Something (Napoleon, 1998), a rhyming story in the Napples series of readers for the youngest story lovers. Her second, Yesterday's Santa and the Chanukah Miracle, was turned into an animated cartoon feature with the CBC. (Winter Tales segment. Produced by F Leclerc and B Muldoon, CBC Ottawa 2003/04.came out in 2003.) Sarah's first novel for young readers, Vivian Untangled, was published by Napoleon in the spring of 2006.

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