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Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds is the co-founder and CEO of FableVision Studios, a media company that makes award-winning websites, games, animated films, digital storybooks, iPhone apps, and more. Paul has partnered with his identical twin brother, Peter Reynolds (a New York Times best-selling children's book author and illustrator), in developing the Sydney and Simon series.

Books by this Author
Sydney & Simon: Full Steam Ahead!

The faucet squeaked when Sydney turned the handle, and the garden hose wiggled as water pulsed through it. Simon aimed straight up toward the flowers, but the flow of water wasn't strong enough. Instead of reaching the flowers, the water came splashing down on Simon's head.

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Sydney & Simon: To the Moon!

A Stellar Challenge
Wonder Falls Elementary School was having a special STEAM contest: submit the most creative project about Earth’s moon, and win first prize. First prize was the chance to meet astronaut Commander Kris Kornfield! Sydney and Simon thought this was absolutely
out of this world.

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