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Trina Robbins

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A Bunch of Jews (and other stuff)

Kotletn never came into our house, because poverty never came out of it, and it is well-known that poverty and good meals are eternal foes. So I never saw Kotletn. I did know, however, that Kotletn were a very fine meal.

Who was it who told me? First, I was told by Borukhke, the landlord's son.

Secondly...I once visited Shakher, the dry-goods merchant while they were eating dinner, and it was Kotletn.

The wonderful aroma filled every corner. However, as noted above, Kotletn never crossed our threshold.

So I thought that when I grew up and began to earn my living, I would save up until I became rich and then...Kotletn!

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Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1

Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1

A Collection of Tales, Stories and Myths Told and Retold in Comic Book Format.
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