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Books for Older Teen Boys (by Janet Somerville)
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Books for Older Teen Boys (by Janet Somerville)

By 49thShelf
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Janet Somerville has been teaching Grades 11 and 12 boys a primarily CanLit curriculum for 15 years. Her students tweet about literature, popular culture and current events from September-June through @TeenBoyLitCrit.

Ash Garden

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Why it's on the list ...
The bombing of Hiroshima is the fulcrum of this novel that explores the ripple effect decades later of such an extraordinary event from the perspective of a survivor, Emiko (who was 5 on that August day) and Anton, a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project. The historical detail and Bock’s extraordinary descriptive power has made THE ASH GARDEN one of the most appealing books I’ve ever taught. It provides an exceptional opportunity to talk about responsibility, guilt and love.
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Three Day Road
Why it's on the list ...
Set during WWI, Boyden’s debut novel is the book that the boys admire the most. The graphic descriptions of Xavier’s life on the Front balanced by the reverence for the natural world that Niska inhabits make this dual narrative impossible to put down. And, because the two Native sharpshooters are the age of the students when they enlist, they find the story totally gripping.
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What Happened Later

What Happened Later

A Novel
also available: Hardcover eBook
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Why it's on the list ...
Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s intention to write the follow up to ON THE ROAD to be titled WHAT HAPPENED LATER, Robertson charts Jack’s imaginary journey to his Quebecois roots in one of the narrative threads while offering his own adolescence up to the literary grist mill in the other. Since fictional Ray is 17 years old and preoccupied with girls and discovering Kerouac and the other Beats for the first time, it is a book that the boys relate to almost immediately.
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